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Designed to provide instant grip on a huge variety of clean, dry surfaces, this duct tape offers an impressive level of adhesion. You’ll find our black duct tape (aka gaffer tape or cloth tape) is invaluable for a wide range of applications, especially where a heavy duty packing tape is needed, because it has a top quality adhesive and conforms well to irregular surfaces.

Utility Duct Tape is the go-to tape for everyday use. Trusted by contractors, developers and builders across the UK and Ireland, it’s a quick solution for holding, sealing and bundling. Easy to tear along the reinforced fibres in the tape, yet extremely tough and versatile. Application by hand activates the pressure sensitive adhesive and gives it the grip you need.

Benefits of Utility Duct Tape include easy tear, easy release, strong adhesion, and individually wrapped rolls. Black, White & Silver available in 50mm x 50m and Black & White available in 75mm x 50m rolls. Multi-surface, widely used in building and agricultural uses. Ideal for high-volume, price conscious users; suitable for general use, both indoors and outdoors.

Applications include construction, DIY, repair work, and patching. Did you know? Duct tape was used on the Apollo 17 Lunar Rover’s replacement fender – to hold together the four maps from which the fender was made!

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