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Our Post Tape completely seals and protects wooden fence posts at the ground-line section, protecting from moisture, oxygen, fungi, and rot, increasing the lifespan of the post.

Exposure to the elements outdoors can result in significant post weathering. The most common area for this damage to occur is up to 100mm below the surface. Our Post Tape will give you a 25 year guaranteed life to your fence posts. Protect your posts with Walther Strong PosTTape®.

PosTTape® is a non-butyl self-sealing tape manufactured from a massively strong polymer acrylic adhesive, which gives a completely waterproof and weatherproof seal. With a permanent adhesive bond for 50 years and a 25-year guarantee, this greatly adds to the life of your fence posts. It is tested with all timber treatments.

Benefits of using PosTTape® include: non-butyl, completely UV-stable, easy-to-tear, quick and easy installation, permanent adhesive bond for 50 years, self-seals around fasteners, can apply to damp timber or below freezing, and does not require any other tools to apply. We are now using upgraded sustainable materials in PosTTape, with flat fibre strand laminated webbing layers manufactured from self-reinforced thermo polymers which gradually increase in strength over time and are 100% recycled!

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