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GRIDDLE RING FIREPIT/GRILL - Perfect for Outdoor Living & Plancha Cooking

GRIDDLE RING FIREPIT/GRILL - Perfect for Outdoor Living & Plancha Cooking

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Experience Plancha Fire Cooking with Our Free-Standing Outdoor GRIDDLE RING FIREPIT/GRILL

Indulge in the art of Plancha-style fire cooking using our heavy-duty steel ring positioned over a fire pit, delivering unparalleled flavor. The flat plate grill, when heated, provides uniform searing, creating a delectable crust while sealing in moisture. Our innovative Griddle ring firpit/grill features both flat plate and griddle grill areas, allowing you to achieve a BBQ finish through chargrilling as well. The Griddle Ring Firepit/grillboasts an 80cm diameter fire bowl and stands at 935mm high, making it the ideal choice for passionate fire chefs and a perfect gathering spot.

Designed for use with seasoned wood or charcoal, simply heat up the flat Plancha grill and conduct a water droplet test to ensure readiness. If water forms beads, you're set for a sizzling experience. Opt for marinating your food instead of adding oil to the surface, and use vinegar, wine, soy sauce, or lemon to dissolve cooking juices. Scraping off the juices and incorporating them into your dishes enhances the overall flavor.

Handcrafted from premium British steel in the UK, the Griddle Ring Firepit/grill, like all our fire pits, features an 8mm steel grill plate and a 3mm steel fire pit. Over time, it will develop a rich rusty patina, which does not compromise the fire pit's longevity. To keep the cooking surface rust-free, use a lightly flavored cooking oil and expose it to a good blast of fire.

Enhance your Plancha fire pit experience with long-handled spatulas like our fire pit paddle and essential fire pit gloves. The Plancha grill plate partially covering the fire makes fire tools like our blow poker and ash rake useful for flame control.

We can supply a steel flat top cover, for this product, which also doubles up as a tabletop, when the griddle is not in use.  Please enquire for details.

Maintaining Your Griddle Ring Firepit/grill: Note that all our fire pits, lids, and accessories will start rusting immediately, losing their black finish. However, this natural oxidation process does not impact their long-term durability. As handmade creations from sheet steel, slight variations in forging and finish may occur due to naturally occurring blemishes. 

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